Frontplate WEB 1001 STR. 3

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Med WEB 1001 i lukket design kan man bygge opp til 9 ulike kapslinger, uten verktøy og med noen få enkle komponenter. Tilkopling til disse kapslingene kan skje med printkontakter, chassiskontakter, etc.

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WEB housings

Installation housings, suitable for a variety of uses
Series of housings can be fitted together
... as individual modules
... or as a complete system
Mounting foot for all common TS 35/TS 32 mounting rails
For installation of fully equipped PCBs with various connection systems
Can be used in such areas as:
devices and control systems forconsumer electronics
industrial electronics
control engineering
data systems engineering
suitable for universal applications

Design available with/without components assembled (see ?Electronic components? for fitted designs)
Distribution of electronic components in most confined spaces
WEB housing provides protection for sensitive components

Wieland?s system solution: safety andfunctionality with proven connectionsystems and high quality compactdesigns

long service life, even under extremeconditions
technical design perfection
reliability? low cost
trouble-free application
many housing variations

WEB 1001closed design
Construction of up to 9 housing configurations without tools and using just a few individual parts

Connection system
direct mount and pluggable connectors
Tab connectors

PCB can be fitted with components and soldered independently of the housing
Designs ranging from an overall housing height of 42 mm and a PCB size of 92.3 x 22.3 mm up to 68 mixed connections in multi-tier design
Closed design provides protection for the electronic components
With transparent cover for checking displays etc.
Marking facility on the housing

WEB 1001 WEB 1002 open housing
Height of this series: only 15.8 mm (without U foot)
Open modules can be assembled using the 3 different elements to form any length
Complete sets of special components can be assembled
Numerous facilities for connecting external conductors, screw, pluggable, two-part and push-on terminals
System advantages:
can be assembled quickly due to the pluggable modular system principle
high torsional rigidity due to the firm interconnection of the individual elements
can be fitted to all DIN EN mounting rails 32/35 using the universal foot